Why desire-less work ?

Published on : November 17, 2016

My way of painting is to flow with the thoughts, with the feelings only. Just trying to work on desire-less art. Why desire-less work ? Many of the viewer ask me about the shapes I have drawn, size of the painting used etc. I have nothing to say for them. It’s really doesn’t matter, what […]

Thoughts are like birds…

Published on : October 27, 2016

Thoughts are like birds, one wrong move and they all would fly off. Initially they were shy, but they slowly get settled. They got bolder and bolder layer after layer. They always took their own time to get settle down, sometimes even a month just to stretch the canvas on the frame or for the […]

rejoice the life…. rejoice abstracts !

Published on : March 22, 2016

Composition – 14 Oil on Canvas Going further in the series of walls, doors and windows, releasing my new work…. I have fallen in love with the amazing textures, faded and seasoned walls…. cracked doors! just enjoying and Feeling the beauty ! Here, no need for me to think for an abstract…….. and ordinarily this […]

You and Me alone

Published on : February 5, 2016

After releasing my work upon pure abstract … put my new work in some different perspective. This is what I try a little friendly with the homely home material, mainly focusing on the beloved forms. Feeling free, not bothering much of the pressures of abstract, realistic or surrealistic and so. I have Got the inspiration […]

Adding Meaning to Abstract

Published on : March 15, 2015

ABSTRACT ART Abstract art or commonly known as modern art, is becoming more and more popular art form of today. It can Roughly be divide into two styles. 1) Realistic Paintings and 2) Abstract Paintings. Realistic paintings are those one can easily identify the objects in the painting. Abstract art is always not of identical […]

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