About myself

After the education for graphic designing, started my career as a graphic designer at mumbai (Maharashtra), However, I was working in Art field but my creative urge became overwhelming. Thus the act of painting Abstract helped me to express myself. My desire for painting is something that lies deep in me, however it took long time to actually had an impact.

I simply use shapes instead of objects and then build out from there. My keen interest in painting is only to show the emotions through Colours, Light, Shapes, Texture and the most importantly the 'Space'. My effort is to eliminate the knottiness, obstacles between me and my painting - and the viewer and the painting. It's a heart to heart conversation.

I have a strong affection for abstract art and strongly believe that Abstract Painting brings joy, creates mood and atmosphere in homes and offices. Viewer simply has to feel if it touches or not. It's very simple. So enjoy my paintings, enjoy your life, and make the most of it.